"Speak the truth, even if your voice shakes."

I'm Jenna. I'm 28 years old, I live in California, and I'm a graphic designer. My passions are art and music. I originally made this blog for girls who like girls, but really, it's for anyone to enjoy.

Always be yourself. Stand up tall and be exactly who you are. Never let anyone tell you who you should be. Treat others how you'd like to be treated. And above all, love.

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Anonymous asked: Advice please? A while back I started having feelings for my best friend. We were really close and eventually we slept together. I thought this was finally our chance but she freaked out and didn't want to talk about it. I tried to respect her wishes but my feelings haven't changed. Now she has a gf who proposed to her and she wants me to be maid of honor. I'm trying not to be a jerk with a heartache but it's become quite painful to actively participate in her being with someone else. Help?

Aw man, I’m sorry. What a tough situation to be in. Unfortunately… if she’s your best friend and you care that much about her and you truly want her to be happy… I think you should just suck it up and be there for her as her maid of honor. I know it will suck majorly to see her marry someone else but you do want her to be happy, right? I think she’d be sad if her best friend wasn’t there for her for her wedding. If you don’t want to be the maid of honor, explain to her how you are feeling and see if she’s okay with you maybe just being a bridesmaid or just not being in the wedding party at all. Maybe you can compromise… you can go to the wedding but not be super involved in it. Tell her that you care about her and want her to be happy but because of your romantic feelings it would be really hard for you to be super involved in the wedding. Best of luck

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living-in-a-gilded-cage asked: So you always seem to give the best advice.. I fell for this girl over the summer and things were going great, until she told me we should stop talking (out of the blue) one day and so I kept asking her what I did wrong. Anyways, her girlfriend texts me and tells me to back off. I didn't even know she had a girlfriend or I would never have hooked up/talked to her in the first place. I'm not a homewrecker, and I feel so hurt and betrayed. I had finally let someone back in & this happens. Help?

Aw man, that sucks. I’m sorry! That was really deceitful of the girl you fell for. Have you talked to the girl about it/confronted her about it since all that happened? I’d probably be too mad to continue in the first place but if you do want to maybe continue something with her… you’re going to have to find out what she actually wants. (If she plans on staying with her girlfriend or if she wants to pursue something with you.) Best of luck!

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Anonymous asked: I like this girl and when we hang out in person she makes it clear she likes me (she flirts, holds my hand or holds me by my waist, etc). I'm a little confused because the last time we hung out was awesome and we planned to hang out the next night. The next night she didn't text me so I figured she was drunk and forgot we made plans. She didn't text me for a week, so I texted her and she has been seeming distant/ not really responsive. Should I try and text her again or just drop it?

Hmmm. You can only reach out so many times. Maybe wait a little while and then try texting her again. Ask if she’s still interested in hanging out or whatever and see what she says. If she still is distant or doesn’t respond… I guess she just isn’t interested anymore.

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Evan Rachel Wood Is Dating an Actress From The L Word

I kinda wanted Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood to get together but this is cool too.

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Lovers, photographed by Ailecia Ruscin


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3 Bullsh*t Reasons Why Women Are Taught To Not Cut Our Hair Short (And Why You Can Do It Anyways)

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