"Speak the truth, even if your voice shakes."

I'm Jenna. I'm 28 years old, I live in California, and I'm a graphic designer. My passions are art and music. I originally made this blog for girls who like girls, but really, it's for anyone to enjoy.

Always be yourself. Stand up tall and be exactly who you are. Never let anyone tell you who you should be. Treat others how you'd like to be treated. And above all, love.

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Bye I’m dead (x) (x)

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Anonymous asked: and she even seemed interested. I even got her number. But the next day, I accidently sent a text to her by accident that was supposed to go to my friend. It said “So I heard you had sex last night”. And immediately she read it and realized I sent it to an iphone and realized that it wasn’t my friend. I panicked and said I’m really sorry, that it wasn’t supposed to go to her. She never replied at all. Is there any redeeming myself from this? I feel like I messed it all up before I got a chance.

I don’t think you messed up at all. It was just a random text. It’s not like it was about her or anything. I don’t know why she didn’t respond. If it were me, I wouldn’t give a crap at all. Like… it wouldn’t even be a thing. I guess I’d just wait a bit and then just text her asking her to hang out sometime and don’t even bring up the text thing. Honestly if she’s gonna blow you off because of a text you sent by mistake… she’s not worth your time anyway.

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Anonymous asked: Need advice! I live in a very small town. There's not many lgbt people here. A guy was hitting on me one weekend, and I told him I was gay. He then told me that this was the second time it had happened to him, and that there was a waitress at a local bar that I go to that told him that she was gay too. He then encouraged that I should go talk to her. I went this weekend to hang out, and she was working. I took a bold move, as nervous as I was, and talked to her a little. She was really nice, and

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Anonymous asked: You were in my dream last night. We were like old school robbers and we were running from the police and we escaped into this old warehouse and then things got heated ;)

Oh my god I love this dream, that’s awesome.

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Ellen Page

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